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AVI Solutions company (shortcut from Advanced Valued Intelligent Solutions) provides high-tech components and advanced solutions for such industries as aerospace, oil and gas, medical, mechanical engineering and others. The company's portfolio:

  • precision drive and control systems,

  • switching power supplies,

  • motion parameter sensors,

  • electronic components of world known manufacturers.

The products are delivered directly from European manufacturers - world market leader, which guarantees high quality products. In addition to skilled care in the selection and delivery of the products, if necessary, we offer a complete reservation services at all stages: from technical specifications to serial delivery. In addition, we offer the creation of specialized solutions "from scratch" and the adaptation of standard products to technical requirements of customers. For the company AVI Solutions delivery - this is just the logical conclusion of a large process of interaction with customers. We understand the importance of high-tech components are really of high quality for the stable operation of the final product in which they are used. That's why we do not consider ourselves just a supplier of products and offer complete solutions.

Product portfolio

The company's portfolio contains demanded by the market and proved products:

Precision drive and control systems:

  • brushed and brushless DC motors
  • planetary gearboxes and strain wave gears
  • feedback sensors, encoders
  • control systems
  • servodrives
  • rotation and linear motors
  • tooth gears
  • sliprings
  • ultrafast brushless DC motors
  • torque motors
  • stepper motors
  • linear stepper motors
  • ball-screws, and lead-screws (metrical, trapezoidal and high-helix)

Switching power supplies:

  • AC/DC switching power supplies
  • DC/DC converters
  • DC/AC converters
  • regulated DC power supplies
  • line AC/DC adapters and car DC/DC adapters

Motion parameter sensors:

  • accelerometers
  • gyroscopes
  • inertial sensing systems
  • inertial sensors
  • magnetoresistive sensors
  • magnetic sensors and systems

Electronic components of world known manufacturers.

Contact us:

mail: sales@avi-solutions.com
tel: +7 812 703 00 66